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Anti-Bots System

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Anti-Bots System Features:

Very Easy to use
Redirect work on it
Detects Bots Automatically and Block Those Bots
Checks Live and Valid Traffic and then Allow Them
Huge list of User agents for Detecting Bots
Live View of Reports ( Like Valid Views and Bots )
Works Best with our Fud link
Works with Auto Email Page

About Anti-Bots System:

FudFreshTool presents to you a new Anti-Bots System for Scam Pages. This tools is used for undetected scam pages links that we provide. Redirecting on works on pages. This tools detects detection bots automatically and block those bots that detects the scam pages. Also this tool checks Live valid traffic and allows them to pass through and see the scam pages. Contains Huge List of User Agents for detecting detection bots. Give live view of valid views and detection bots so you can check the traffic and see how many real visitors are visiting. This tools works best with our fud links. Also works with auto email supported page. Order now to get instant access of this tool. Available in fair price.

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